Alternative medicine and a holistic approach


Over the years, I have developed particular expertise treating neck pain, backache, knee stiffness and jaw problems. There have been many cases where MDs have prescribed surgery for patients to alleviate pain. These same patients have come to me and have found that after a few treatments, the pain has disappeared.I have always been amazed by the human body—its vulnerabilities and its incredible ability to heal itself.



Finding the root cause of pain through body and mind connections


If a person is experiencing back pain, I might adjust the back and balance the muscles, but I will also evaluate the digestive organs via muscle testing. If you are belching and/or have heartburn, then I would address these issues to bring balance to the area. It’s possible this person would benefit from digestive enzymes.


Another component to consider is the area addressed above correlates to the solar plexus, or power chakra. It might be that this person is afraid to express his/her opinion. This is something I address to really give my patient relief from the pain. This approach treats the whole person .


We are all energy, and we create blocks in our lives that can exhibit in many different ways—knee pain, a sore throat or digestive problems. I have a great understanding of muscle function and joint motion. I evaluate the area that is painful, and if there are blocks, I remove them.


~Susan Brennan